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Our Bible Study by Mail courses range from the basics of Christianity, to courses which take you through each book of the Scriptures, to more advanced courses such as Apologetics and New Testament Greek.

If you are interested in responding to lessons, please contact me at to get started.

We offer several different ways of getting started on responding to lessons.

1. There is a 'quick start guide' for those who prefer to just dive in.

2. There is also a list of detailed instructions for those who may need it.

3. Alternatively, you can set up a time with Pastor Thor to have him walk you through the process via telephone or in person (if you live in or around Nashville).

At first we will review everything you write, before we send it to the student, so if you are worried about making mistakes, there is a safety net. These lessons are offered at no cost to the student. Anyone can take these lessons, but the overwhelming majority of our students are men in prison or jail. Those who are incarcerated also receive a free Bible.

We have tried to write the lessons so that they are denominationally neutral, but no one can fully escape their own point of view. The beliefs we used for the lessons are listed here. You do not have to agree with it all, but if you do not agree, you may find it a little uncomfortable to help with these lessons. We read, review, or spot check most of the lesson responses before mailing them to the student. As long as you base what you teach on the Bible, we will probably let it pass, even if we disagree. But if you deny the divinity of Christ or challenge the inspiration of God's Word, we reserve the right to refuse to mail your letter to the student. So far, nothing like that has come up.

We do not offer these courses by e-mail or over the internet or to people who are not incarcerated.


Love Bible Study is the Bible Study by Mail program of the Faith Baptist Church Corrections Ministry ©2009