Faith Baptist Church Corrections Ministry



Bibles sent - 123
Courses completed - 205
Books sent - 205
Lessons sent - 4,284


Bibles sent - 933
Courses completed - 175
Books sent - 148
Lessons sent - 6,825

Overall since Mar 2007:

Bibles sent - 1,850
Courses completed - 510
Books sent - 516
Lessons sent - 14,173


We are a ministry of Faith Baptist Church that preaches the gospel inside the prison system and disciples those who have been saved through Bible correspondence courses by mail.

We minister face to face in Nashville, Tennessee, and by mail across the United States.

Our vision is to grow the body of believers inside the prisons and outside by enrolling more students and recruiting volunteer teachers. You can help us by answering lessons via the internet from anywhere. For more information, click here.

Several years ago Pastor Thor and Trish began trying to start a church. The only part of the church ministry that really grew was the jail ministry. As God closed the doors of the church, He was opening a window into the jail ministry. In September, 2008, we decided to just concentrate on the jail ministry. In Fall of 2010 Faith Baptist Church generously took us in as a ministry.Read more...

As a part of our ministry at the jail we offer Bible courses by mail to the inmates. Bibles and materials are provided free of charge to the inmates. For more information, click here.



Love Bible Study is the Bible Study by Mail program of the Faith Baptist Church Corrections Ministry ©2009